Thursday, 5 February 2009

Me...... and why I'm here

Hi, My name is Sadie, I am a confused 30 something year old woman.

I have a long term partner, named W, who has recently asked me to be his wife.
We've been together for 14 years, mortgaged with pets (no kids) so therefore knew the question was probably going to be popped one day sooner rather than later. Even so it still freaked me out a bit.
Well, I said yes, of course......and now I find myself planning for a wedding, with kids to follow after that.

I love W, he just bores me sometimes, especially when he's moaning and grumbling about trivial matters. Sometimes a girl just needs a bit of excitement and the odd spontaneous gesture.

Thing is, I have recently acquired an online friend named S, he's a sexy guy and we enjoy flirting and talking dirty, which can sometimes lead to major distractions from work. Hence the reason for my recent low order intake.

He's quite local to me, and so far we've actually met up the once. He got a cracking blow job in the front of my car, but, he is yet to repay the favour, up to now that is.

Yes, I know its not good, but the thing is, it's exciting and fun, but most probably and completely wrong. However, it does add a bit of interest to a boring day at the office! head is in a spin with loads of stuff and I thought blogging about it would help me to get things off my chest.

And, I'd like to think myself as a bit of a Belle De Jour...........a girl can dream can't she!?

I'm going to start with today:


I woke up this morning to find it snowing, this always excites me a bit.. it has ever since I was a child, it makes me giddy! So at least my day started with a smile.
I don't know why I get so giddy about snow, especially considering it's a work day and by the time I get home it will either be slush or gone.

Well, at least I enjoyed about 20 minutes of smiling whilst walking the dog at the crack of dawn this morning. Until I got back to find W in his usual grumpy mood. He was complaining there was nothing in for his packed lunch and that he was late....blah, blah, blah.....mornings are really not his best part of the day. Anyway, he grumped off to work and I got in the car and left myself.

I got to the office and was greeted with a coffee by my colleague J, she filled my in tray, then buggered off and left me to get on with it as usual. I managed to get a few jobs done before boredom set in and then I started trawling the internet for useless information on weddings and snow reports.

I spoke to S online for a bit and I think he was quite impressed by my first attempt at an erotic story, which I'd emailed him with yesterday. Really, I wasn't too pleased with it and thought it was rather lame and cheesy. Oh well, not bad for a first attempt I suppose.

S wanted to meet me at lunchtime (maybe the story really was that good!) but there was no way I could have escaped the office before 2pm, especially considering I'd been avoiding my workload since that morning. Maybe that was a good thing as I'm really not prepared or looking my best for illicit encounters today (reminds me...need to book in for my re-waxing)

Shame though, could have been fun!

Anyway, it's after lunch now and too late to go back and say yes.

I've not really got much planned for the rest of the day, work mainly, then off to the gym later. I'm meeting W at 6pm for a work out, then off to the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi for a bit of a chill. We'll probably open a bottle of wine when we get in then off for an early night.